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AK47 Hinged Side Rail Mount HSRM (U.S. Patent Pending)

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Introducing Armageddon Tactical's new design for a Hinged Side Rail Mount (HSRM) for AK47's and AK74's and their variants. The new design has several advantages over other products currently available on the market. 

The HSRM mounts securely to the weapon utilizing the receiver interface plate and does not attach to, or rely on, the unstable top (dust) cover for positioning, alignment or repeatability. A receiver interface plate can be easily installed by a gunsmith if your firearm did not come equipped with this feature.

The HSRM maintains a low profile over the top cover and also allows the original rear AK iron sight to remain in place and retain its functionality as opposed to products that require the removal of the original rear sight to allow the newly installed rail to hinge on that point. In contrast, the HSRM hinges on two points that are parallel to the weapons barrel. This allows the HSRM to accommodate all types and lengths of mounted optics and other devices without restriction of the mounts articulation or range of movement.

The HSRM pivots 28 Degrees to allow a clear line of sight to the weapons BUIS and other forward mounted devices while also providing access to the top cover for maintenance and cleaning. The HSRM locks in the open and closed positions and must be released via a mechanical latch before moving from either position (see below). When in the closed position, the HSRM is held in the "zero position" by (2) rare earth neodymium ND-40 magnets and positively located utilizing a machined 4140 steel plate to assure repeatable accuracy time after time. As a result there are no mechanical locking devices or surfaces that are susceptible to wear which would affect repeatability and a positive return to zero over time. The magnets are permanent and never fail to function as designed. Combined the two magnets provide approximately 26 lbs of locking force. 

Instructions for using the HSRM:

The thumb latch on the face of the unit performs two functions: 1) to prevent accidental opening as a backup for the magnets, and 2) to hold the unit in the open position. To move the HSRM from closed to the open position, firmly grip the rail, or the mounted optic, pull the release thumb latch to the rear and hold while you move the HSRM to the left to break the magnetic lock. This action requires some degree of force as the magnetic attraction is strong. Release the thumb latch and open the rail until it stops. You will hear a "click" as the latch engages in the open position. When fully open the HSRM will lock into this position. To close, pull the release thumb latch on the face of the unit to the rear and the HSRM will return to its closed and locked position insuring an absolute return to zero.

The HSRM is fabricated from aluminum components that are machined from 6061 alloy and coated with MIL-A-8625-F, Type III, Class 2 Black anodize and 4140 machined steel parts that are treated with Melonite QPQ. All components are bead blasted prior to plating for a matte finish.

Shown in the photos with a PVS-4 Night Vision Optic provided by Ken Jamison of North American Integrated Technologies with the help of Howard Kent of the Armor Development Group. We want to thank them for their help and support. Other photos show the rail with a mounted NightForce 2.5 X 10-32 rifle scope and the optional version with the side rail mounted with a SureFire flashlight and Vortex Spitfire (3X) Prism scope. 

MIL Spec 1913 Picatinny Rail - Length 7". Weight of assembled unit as shipped 12.8 Ounces.

MSRP: $180.00 Also shown with optional 3.125" side rail for mounting lights and other applications for $190.00.

Optics and accessories not included.

Armageddon Tactical: HSRM SKU AT-035 - US Patent Pending.





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