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I ordered one of your GMS-15 charging handles last week and it arrived Saturday.  I found out about the GMS-15 after doing some searching on the internet and decided to give it a try.  I had an opportunity to try it out this morning and I’m very pleased with it.  I posted a review on the Indiana Gun Owner’s Forum and thought I’d share.  I take particular pleasure in seeing small operations succeed by producing quality kit and you seem to be doing just that.  Hopefully you’ll see some business from my area of the country as a result.




Cory W. Nash

Firearms Training Instructor - Indianapolis

Written by Chris Bailey — August 04, 2014


Michael M. Bystrzycki, Sr.:

I, too, learned of the GMS-15 purely by accident while researching for a competitor’s model. The moment I saw the GMS-15, I knew it was the perfect piece of kit for me.
I build custom weapons designed to survive the harshest environments for the longest periods of time without opportunity for rear echelon maintenance, etc and for ease of use and for user safety. That said, the GMS-15 is THE perfect charging handle; regardless of caliber and/or upper receiver design.
Thank you for bringing this to market.

April 02 2015

Todd Petitte:

Best charging handle on the market… Hands down. I was doing some research on the internet last year for an “ambi” charging handle that could also double as a “gas buster”, found the Armageddon and ordered one. After running it on several different weapon systems, suppressed and un-suppressed, found it to be the best charging handle I’ve ever used. It’s a solid piece of hardware that doesn’t seem to be over-engineered and, as advertised, redirects gas & particulates away from the face. So, job well done guys… I’ll never purchase another charging handle. My only request is that you guys design and sell something similar for the Sig MPX… And let me be the first customer please!

February 08 2016

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