A big thanks to Caleb Oosten from RomeoTangoBravo.net for a great review of the GMS-15 Charging Handle. See his review and watch the video at the link below.

Armageddon Tactical GMS-15 Review

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Written by Chris Bailey — June 04, 2014


Jason Faszholz:

Along with a few local shooters, I recently completed testing 8 popular charging handles with a primary focus on gas management and a few secondary performance indicators related to handle/latch design, ease of use, ambi ergonomics, and size to weight ratio that were used to determine overall build quality and functional design ratings. Included in testing were the AXTS Raptor, LWRC’s Ambi, the BCM Mod 44, the PRI M84, the Troy Industries Ambi, the Phase 5 ABL/CHA, the Armadynamics ACLM, and finally the GMS-15. Host weapons were Daniel Defense MK18 (10.3" barrel/carbine gas) and two Noveske N4s with 10.5" & 11.5" switchblock barrels and carbine length gas. All hosts were suppressed with an AAC M4-2000 to effectively measure gas blow back common to suppressed, short barrel rifle systems. Each rifle wore a fully seated LWRC Compact Stock placing the shooters face apprx 3.25-3.50 inches from the back of the charging handle. 100 rounds of M855 were used in each host, with each charging handle. The N4s were run twice. Once on standard gas setting and again on suppressed setting. We’ll have the official results posted through SnipersHide as well as a copy over to Armageddon in the next few weeks. What I can say is that the GMS15 was clearly tops in gas mgmt and made a significant difference to the shooter in a variety of ways. It should say something when each individual that was involved in that run of tests have since bought a GMS15 to replace the others they were using based on the very measurable benefits the Armageddon CH provides! Can’t wait for the GMS10s to arrive!!

July 25 2014

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