After 30 years of designing industrial tooling and products for other people I have finally decided to do it for myself. So I started Armageddon Tactical as a way to make new products available to you under our brand name. I think you will find Armageddon's products to be innovative and of the highest quality available anywhere. I have launched the site with a few items, but trust me there is more to come. My goal is to work with consumers to build what they want and I think your input is essential. I want you to tell me anything and everything about the products I am offering as well as things you would like to see on the market. Please post a comment that will help both of us achieve our goals. Welcome to our site and I hope to hear from you soon.

I want to post a review from one party that tested the GMS-15 charging handle. There will be more to come.....

Regarding my experience using your new GMS-15 AR-15/M-16 Charging Handle:

“The sample provided for my testing initially impressed me with its heavier and stiffer design which should make it much less subject to being bent.

Subsequent use while firing several hundred rounds substantiated my initial impressions, being very smooth to operate, and without the flimsy feel of the standard charging handles.

I think you have a ‘winner’ of a product”.

Norman Adams – Former member of the USMC Rifle Team, Distinguished Rifleman, President’s Hundred, 5 time Montana State Long Range High Resident, 2 time Wyoming Long Range State Champion, 2 time Montana State High Power Champion and Wyoming State Mid-Range Champion.

Chris Bailey - President/CEO Armageddon Tactical LLC




Written by Chris Bailey — March 18, 2014



Ordered an ambi charging handle on Friday and it arrived on Monday! Unbelievably fast shipping. When I pulled the handle out of the box I was impressed by the solid construction and quality build.

It took a few goes to get used to the straight back pull, due to the unique design of the handle, but after those two or three manipulations the charging of the weapon was intuitive and the manipulation felt solid.

Will be getting more and recommending to friends. Keep up the great work.

May 07 2014


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April 05 2015

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The GMS-15 charging handles have finally arrived and are going out for laser marking. They should be available on the website by 12/12/18. Sorry for the delay.

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