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GMS-15-EVO Charging Handle

GMS-10-EVO Charging Handle

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This item was scheduled to be available in late December 2019. However, the machining contractor I was using is not getting it done and I have cancelled the order with that firm for lack of performance and placed it with another contractor. The current availability date for this item has changed to late February 2020 as a result. I apologize for the delay.

If you send an email to [email protected] I will send you an email when this product is available.

The GMS-EVO type charging handles represent the next evolution in this products design. They incorporate the patented Gas Management System (GMS) found in the Gen II Models, as well as additional gas diversion features and a redesigned solid latching system that eliminates the need for spring tension to overcome the gas blow back pressure from a cycled round. New features include gas diversion surfaces and a high temperature silicone seal on the underside of the handle. These features are designed to help prevent gas from passing under the handle and redirect it forward away from the operator. And, as always, the GMS-EVO charging handles are fully ambidextrous.

The main body of the product is billet machined from 7075 aluminum and all steel parts are 4140 alloy steel. The aluminum is anodized per MIL A-8625-F, Type III, Class 2, Black and all steel parts are Melonite (Nitride) processed to ensure ultimate protection from the environment and excellent wear and lubricity characteristics.

There are no weak roll pins used as pivot points in the design and all moving components have a "hard stop" to eliminate unnecessary stress on the latch mechanism. There are no pinch points and the unit is designed to keep environmental contaminants from entering the assembly.

The GMS-10 Model fits AR10 and other similar platforms that utilize a standard charging handle chambered for .308, 7.62MM, etc.

Like all Armageddon Tactical products this item is proudly made in the USA.

US Patent #10,006,728 B2.

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