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AR15 GMS-15 Gen II Charging Handle Black Anodize

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AR15 Ambidextrous Charging Handle
Part Number: AT-023
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The GMS Type Charging Handles are truly ambidextrous and are designed to redirect blow back gasses away from the operators face through the use of a gas shroud. The shroud covers the rear of the upper receiver to effectively divert gasses forward. Additional features include an internal gas port to direct gasses into the shroud from the upper receiver for redirection to help stop gas from exiting under the handle. The button on the rear of the handle is used to apply forward pressure to the locking mechanism when the bolt is in a locked back condition and is not used in normal operation.

The handles are machined from 7075 aluminum billet and are coated with MIL-A-8645-F, Type III, Class 2 Black Anodize with teflon impregnation to reduce friction between the moving parts. The steel parts are protected by a Mag Phosphate coating and all internal pivot points are solid 18-8 stainless steel dowel pins. The entire unit is virtually sealed from environmental contaminates. Fits AR15, M16, M4 and most other comparable AR type standard frame platforms.

Units are shipped with installation, cleaning and lubrication instructions.

US Patent No. 10,006,728 B2

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